Respite Respite is a service with a goal to provide care and supervision, as well as support the emotional, physical, and mental well-being of your family member. Respite is designed to give you relief and support. With Respite service at Arizona Cares you aren't on your own, our Care Providers will give you well earned rest.

Our Caregivers will give you well earned rest.
Habilitation Habilitation is a service that is designed to help your family member in acquiring, retaining and improving the selfhelp, socialization and adaptive skills necessary to live a more independent life. The services include the provision of training in independent living skills or special developmental skills, orientation and mobility training, sensorimotor development, and behavioral management.

Our Caregivers can help your family member gain a new found level of independence.
Attendant Care Attendant Care is a service designed to maximize the quality of life of your family member, allowing your family member to remain in home and participate in work/community activities. Our Care Providers will help your family member maintain safe and sanitary living conditions, personal cleanliness and assist with activities of daily living. Activities can include meal preparation, eating assistance, bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, laundry, shopping, and assisting in providing appropriate attention to injuries and illnesses.

Your family member is safe in our caring hands.
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