ARIZONA CARES is a Home and Community Based Services provider serving the special needs community. Providing Respite, Habilitation, Attendant Care and House Keeping.
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Arizona Cares intends to be the premier HCBS provider in Arizona through a sharp focus on quality of care, customer service, well thought out roles, delegation of responsibilities, and tools and procedures.
Mission Statement
Arizona Cares will deliver the best quality care and customer service to our Members through a highly skilled and dedicated management team. We will show Arizona that we careā€¦.
At Arizona Cares we believe it is an absolute honor to serve those in need, that there is no better, more rewarding career choice.
Your trust and the care of your family member is a responsibility that we treat with the utmost respect and seriousness.
By providing these services with integrity, commitment and respect we are rewarded in ways that money cannot enrich us.
Together we will show Arizona that we care...
Arizona Cares is an Agency with Choice
Arizona Cares is proud to be an "Agency with Choice", that means that the families we serve are in control of and can actively participate in all the important choices regarding their care. When it comes to the Caregiver and their qualifications and training, when it comes to hiring, firing and correction, when it comes to when and how services are performed, at Arizona Cares families remain in control of their services.
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